Alternatives to Bioderma

Alternatives to Bioderma

I have been testing out various ‘substitutes’ for Bioderma’s Créaline H2O. I adore Bioderma because it’s simple, gentle and cheap – but it’s becoming increasingly frustrating to get hold of it. I don’t travel to Paris as often as I used to, and though various stockists pop up now and again the postage prices always really put me off. So I may soon be waving goodbye to a very old friend; I have a couple of weeks’ worth of Bioderma and then I’m out. Dry.

In this video I go through a few of my alternatives – all have been tested out for quite a number of months and are equally as lovely as the Bioderma. A couple of the waters are even re-purchases I liked them so much – and really easily available.  One of them (the Garnier) is kind of a pointless inclusion because nobody sells it anymore…but I suppose that only adds to the sheer excitement of the experience you are about to have. I like to throw a wildcard in now and then. And actually, I have found one stockist: a seller on eBay who has actually taken a photo of the bottle and is starting bidding at 99p. No squabbling now ladies.

Shopping List:

Institut Esthederm, £22:

La Roche Posay, £11.50:


Melvita, £13:

Caudalie, £14.50:

Garnier: OMG! Why has nobody got this? If anyone sees it can they leave a comment?! I can see ONE on ebay!


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