Amazing Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask

Bee Venom Rejuvenating Face Mask This is one of my favourite new masks – it’s a real ‘doer’ that actually shows results! Some masks, I feel, are just glorified moisturisers; a mask should be a concentrated shot of ingredients, a treatment, something that targets specific issues. Of course, you may just want to relax and pamper yourself with a nicely-scented, soothing mask, and that’s fine – but if you want results, you need some active ingredients to get involved.

I was a little worried about the ‘Bee Sting’ element of the mask – it encourages the body to react in the same way as if it had been “lightly stung” (?!!!!) so that blood flow increases in the area where the mask is applied, stimulating cell renewal. It sounds a little scary, but actually, there’s just a mild tingling effect. (Well, I say mild – I have quite a tolerance for “tingling” on my face, having tested the Earth’s supply of glycolic and fruit enzyme peels, so others may find it extremely tingly!)

Anyway, tingliness threshold aside, I love the effect of this mask. It has a very similar brightening results to some of the other rejuvenating masks that I like, including the Alpha-H Liquid Gold mask. The combination of purified venom with antibacterial Manuka honey, moisturising avocado and shea and nourishing Vitamin E is an excellent one – the mask feels luxurious as well as functional. The results also seem to be cumulative – after a few weekly uses, I could see more of a difference each time, whereas I usually see a decline in the effectiveness if anything!

So, a brilliant mask for a weekly treatment – as it boosts cell regeneration and collagen production, it’s great for helping to repair damage and get rid of dull, dead skin faster! A pot of Bee Venom mask is £49.99 from Holland & Barrett – though I think that it keeps selling out online! Always a good sign…

Good job I have three to give away! Entry requirements:

1) You must be an email subscriber or following via Google GFC (sidebar). Sorry if that’s a pain, but it does help to rule out quite a few of the people who ‘breeze’ through the internet looking for competitions!

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4) This is open to ALL READERS, wherever they are in the world!

5) Important (and I’m being absolutely serious) – if you are allergic to actual bee stings. you must NOT use this product!

Good luck my buzzy little bees…

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