Amazingly Blue Beauty Things

The sky was so blue the other day that I felt moved to collect together lots of blue beauty products and take photos of them. This might seem like a horrendous waste of time, but I had a pressing deadline and when I have a deadline I will do almost anything other than the thing I’m supposed to be doing. The closer the deadline, the more bizarre my actions become. Things I start doing include: cleaning the shelves from the oven, sorting out the spices cupboard and putting beauty samples into various categories.

Blue things, then. Doesn’t this image make you want to go on holiday? Oh, I’m sorry, I am on holiday! At least I will be by the time you read this. I’ll be sunning myself in Greece next to my pool, no doubt arranging beauty samples into weird and wonderful categories. Last year on holiday I made a whole category out of “products with packaging that looks like stone”. Needless to say it didn’t make it onto these here pages.

From left to right (ish) we have:

YSL’s “Facebook” Palette – not many of these made with the (slightly tacky) “Devoted to Fans” lid, but actually, the exact same quad is available at with the standard gold-coloured case!

Lancome Ombre Hypnose in “Bleu de France”, at Great on olive complexions, use wet for an intense colour or dry for a seaside wash of blue!

MD Formulations Moisture Defence Spray is a BRILLIANT summer spritz. Moisturising (truly) and with antioxidant prowess, it’s £27 with free worldwide delivery at

Vichy Water Spray. I wouldn’t use this as a beauty product, per se, more as a simple cooling spray. It has different packaging now, you can find it at

H2O+ Hydration Treatment – oil-free, deep moisturising. Perfect for hot sticky days and oily skin, it’s £27.50 at Marks and Spencer Online

Givenchy Sparkling Magic Lip Balm – see my review here

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Moisturiser with SPF30 – simply beautiful, a good daily moisturiser with added sparkle. House of Fraser

La Roche Posay Micellar Water – for quick, emergency cleansing and gentle makeup removal. All for less than a tenner at

Rimmel Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua Sparkle,

NARS nail polish in Kutki,

Clarins Serum Anti-Soif. This used to be one of my favourite skincare products years ago, and then Clarins discontinued it. It’s back, new packaging, lovely formula – it’s great as a pre-moisturiser boost, but I often use it on its own, too. £40 with free delivery at

Lastly, another gorgeous blue polish – this one is a striking pearly shade that looks amazing next to tanned skin. Orly’s Skinny Dip is £7.50 from

Right. Now to find all the orange things in my collection…

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