An Unintentional Disclaimer and The All-New Logo!

A Model Recommends Logo

You may have noticed that a new little logo has popped up on A Model Recommends; this is my ‘stamp of approval’! It might be a fetching shade of pink, but don’t let that fool you – this stamp means business! Everything that I test and review for A Model Recommends is tested by my own fair hand – my recommendations are based on my own truthful opinion of each and every product. I won’t lie – or even bend the truth a little bit – for money, and I will never ever simply regurgitate a press release rather than writing my own, honest findings.

There will always be things that suit me but not you, colours I love that you hate, formulas that get rid of my spots but make yours worse (the last one’s a joke), so please bear this in mind when reading reviews and watching videos. I spend a lot of time thinking about each review and carefully considering whether or not the product in question deserves a recommendation, and I hope that this shows. I try to cater for a wide audience and provide recommendations for all budgets, but ultimately I write about the things that I actually use and these do tend to be more on the expensive side than the budget. Although there are plenty of amazing budget suggestions!

This post wasn’t supposed to be a disclaimer, but it’s starting to sound like one – I suppose I just want to get across the fact that I really do care about the things I recommend, and about you, the readers. You’re a great bunch and I appreciate your support – A Model Recommends has now had well over a million pageviews since it moved to it’s own dot-com site last May, so please believe me that I consider my recommendations to be a huge responsibility. That’s all for now, folks!

P.S. – massive thanks to Steve Williams for creating my new logo – you can see his design and art direction work (clients include Vogue, Harrods and Jaeger!) by clicking HERE.

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