Antipodes Skin Saviour Skin Balm

Antipodes Skin Saviour Skin Balm I’m re-visiting skin balms this autumn because I think that they are really very useful things to have around when the weather turns nasty. Good for dry patches on faces, elbows, knees, shins and just about anywhere (ish) that you feel needs a little help in the moisture department. (Cough.) Use your common sense here, ladies.

I like this Antipodes version because it offers a virtually scent-free option for those who hate all of the overly-fragrant essential oils that are usually ram-packed into balm formulas! OK, there is a slight whiff, but it’s just a very faint hint of tea-tree and traces of something else, it’s extremely subtle. The formula is supposedly antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial which makes it perfect for all-round use – chapping, chafing, grazing and bruising. It’s also good for skin post-shaving (I have been using it on my shins because they get a bit scaly!) and for massaging into cuticles and extremely dry hands.

It has a slightly tingly effect upon application, which I’m guessing is the tea-tree oil at work, so go easy if you’re using this on your face. Perhaps patch test it before you start applying it willy-nilly, especially if you have sensitive skin. One last thing: the tin that the balm is packaged in is so, so nice! It’s large, so you wouldn’t quite cart it about in your handbag on a night out, but it looks beautiful on the bathroom shelf. A really old-fashioned style tin. You can get the Skin Saviour at NutriBeauty here: – it’s pricey-ish at £28.99, but a tin would last for years so long as you’re not bathing yourself in balm!

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