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gracie bag

I’ve just done something a little bit naughty and snapped up the Anya Hindmarch bag that I had my eye on last year. I couldn’t justify it AT ALL full price, but half price? £197. It’s still incredibly expensive for the tiny size of it, but it’s beautifully made and the shape is quite a classic, I think. Also, I was pootling about the high street and was shocked to see bags in places like Reiss for upwards of £150! On the high street! So £200 doesn’t seem that bad…

Oh, OK, there’s no real way of justifying my purchase, especially as I’m on a self-imposed spending ban (so far, so good) but I’m going to go through my cupboards this weekend and put lots of things on eBay. A purge, if you will. Anyway, in an effort to tempt you into my own evil habits I’m going to link to the Anya Hindmarch page on the Outnet – sorry, but there are some choice little bags on there today! I can’t imagine for long as lots of them are absolutely gorgeous, but tell me what you think… I went for the Gracie bag in coral – they also have it in white, and I love it, but it’s totally impractical. Or is it?



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