Apple Earphone UPDATE!

After my big old rant about Apple earphones (see last Wednesday’s post) I decided to actually find one of the (many) pairs of them that I have stowed away in various boxes and drawers. (After owning four iPhones and three iPods in my time, I have quite a collection – none of them EVER used due to the fact that they’re rubbish.)

I retrieved the newest pair from my iPhone 4S box and gave them ago. They are, as I remembered, absolutely useless to listen to music through. Useless. You’d have better luck listening to someone else’s as they’re trying to listen, if that makes any sense. (That makes no sense.) The following ad is a total joke:

If those dancing people were really listening to the Apple earphones, they would have their hands pressed firmly over their ears to a) be able to hear anything whatsoever and b) stop the blasted things from simply falling out.

Rant (second rant!) over, because I have found a use for the earphones. My new ones have a little mic on them so that you can use them as a handsfree and for the last few days I have been conducting phone conversations through this very handsfree apparatus! It’s actually quite life-changing, if you tend to use your phone a lot. Firstly, it frees up your hands so that you can do things whilst you talk (washing up, typing, video editing) and secondly (most importantly) it’s better for your health. Apparently. I have been worrying about phone ‘rays’ for a while and I’m convinced that the government will drop some kind of bombshell any year now, telling us that our brains are fried. So I’m changing my phoning habits and keeping my little earphones plugged in – finally they come in handy!

(For those wanting the name of the Amazon earphones that I have three pairs of, they are Creative EP-630 Noise Isolating Earphones. They are £17.99 delivered on Amazon, so I must have got some kind of amazing deal, because I definitely paid £6.95. Anyway, that explains why they’re so good – they are noise isolating ones! Well worth the dough…)

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