Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse review I love my Apple Magic Mouse, I truly do. I don’t have to do any scrolling or manual zooming in, I don’t have to click a button to move a page forward or back – everything is done with a small swoosh of the fingertips without having to even move my hand from the mouse. It’s an absolute joy, but I’ll tell you one thing; it doesn’t half eat up batteries! It connects to the iMac via bluetooth and runs on two AA batteries – the first set lasted three weeks, the second set have lasted two. Granted, I am on the computer a lot, but still..part of me wishes I still had my good old USB mouse with the rolly-ball to scroll. Although the roller used to get stuck about every ten seconds, so that wasn’t perfect either…

I have a solution: I’ve been to Argos and bought four rechargeable batteries and an Energizer recharging station that you plug into the wall. It was £20, but that should save me a small fortune over the course of a couple of years, so I think that it was £20 well invested! If you’re thinking of buying a Magic Mouse then get yourself some rechargeable batteries at the same time, that’s my wise advice. Now I’m incredibly happy with my mouse (SQUEAK SQUEAK!) and am learning new little time-saving finger-movements all the time. I could just read the instructions and learn them all at once, but that would be far too easy…

Magic Mouse is £59 from Apple


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