Archives Frenzy!

The A Model Recommends archives are back! They still need a LOT of work – most have lost images or tags or categories – but they are there for all to see. Once I’ve re-categorised everything, you’ll start seeing menu bars and sidebar menus and all the things that made the site searchable, but it might take me a couple of weeks so please be patient! If you search back on the homepage, you’ll also find that the archived posts have no index image; this all takes time and patience to re-do so again, bear with me.

Those reading on Feedburner; you may find that you have 1003 posts in your Daily Fix today. This is because the software publishes anything new and all the archives have returned as new material on the site – just read this post and then delete, otherwise you’ll find that the email is quite large and it may take up lots of room in your inbox! Everything will be absolutely back to normal tomorrow, it’s just a one-off phenomenon!

That’s all for today, folks – I did have a post scheduled, but I didn’t want to post it in case the Daily Fix people got bombarded, so I might pop it up mid-way through the day for those that want to see something new! If you’re not subscribed to the Daily Fix and you’d like to receive each new post into your inbox to read over breakfast, then you can Subscribe Here!

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