Aromatherapy Associates: the ultimate holiday product

God I wish I was going on holiday. Just to use this product.

This lavender and peppermint bath and shower oil (pour a tiny capful into a bath, or rub a tiny capful over your body before showering) cures just about everything that I associate with going away to a hot country. Feeling hot and ‘bothered’ in a sticky climate? Cured. Skin had too much sun exposure? This’ll sort it out – the peppermint cools (and it actually does!) and the lavender calms. Dodgy stomach? Headache? Consider it fixed. Not sure that it would help to ‘remove’ that night of passion with ‘Stavros’ the bar owner of – er – Stavros’s Bar, but hey! What would? Only copious amounts of cheap booze and a trip to the clap clinic can help you to forget that!

So, I digress. Back to the oil. This stuff is really quite amazing. Last night I pretended that I was on holiday just so that I could give this a fair shot. First of all I went and sat on the tube: it was hot, full of people I hate and cost me more than it should have. So that was the first part of the ‘holiday experience’ covered. I then drank a few glasses of cheap wine that were barely fit for human consumption, ate a bit of limp salad that I had sprayed with some Sarson’s Vinegar and a burger that was housing five thousand different colonies of deadly bacteria, just to, you know, get my insides into holiday mode. Then I had a bath.

I’m joking of course – I would never go on a holiday like this. I’m a ridiculous princess when it comes to holiday standards, and the type of person that will camp in a tent, but has to have a goose-feather eiderdown. I have been known to drink cheap wine, though. I digress, again.

The Lavender and Peppermint Bath and Shower Oil experience was incredible. You only need a tiny capful of oil to treat a whole bath of water (and my bath is massive) and the peppermint is truly very cooling. I can see how this would be great on skin that has been a little overbaked, especially applying the oil topically before showering.

The oil costs £34.75 and lasts for 20 showers/baths, which works out to be £1.74 per use. Well worth it for quality aromatherapy that actually works! I felt very chilled after my bath, and I slept like I’d drunk a whole two bottles of wine. Oh, hold on a minute, I did drink two b-

Lavender & Peppermint Bath and Shower Oil, £34.75 from Aromatherapy Associates.

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