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A couple of weeks ago (it may have been the day after New Year’s day, when I went on a fever-induced online shopping spree) I signed up to ASOS Premier. Now normally when a shopping site ‘prompts’ me to sign up for some kind of extra service, I click ‘cancel’ without even reading the details, but something about the Premier service caught my eye.

“FREE & UNLIMITED Next Day Delivery All Year” it said.  Free next day delivery? Bravo! Who doesn’t want Free Next Day Delivery? Who wants Super Saver or whatever it’s called, that cites something like 15-20 days for delivery – sometimes you get it after 10 days, sometimes after 1? Who wants to be hanging about worrying whether or not they’re going to miss their parcel – the parcel that left Romford depot at 5.25am but could now be anywhere within the M25? For a mere £14.95 I could have unlimited Next Day Delivery and yes, I went for it. (It’s already paid for itself with just a couple of orders!) Not only do my big orders arrive the very next day, I can put in tiny weeny orders, such as “one pair of seamless knickers, £1.25” and they will arrive the next day, free of charge!

Now to the part that sealed the deal: “FREE COLLECTION.” Free collection! You don’t have to traipse to the post office, wait in a queue and get your ‘Proof of Postage’ – which is one of the most tedious tasks ever invented by mankind. If you want to return something then you simply book the man to come back and pick up the item, right at your front door! Sorry if I’m a little over-excited about this, but you have no idea how many hours I have wasted either waiting in for deliveries, or queueing in the blasted Post Office. Talking of waiting, take a look at the beautiful photo below:

Yes, happy campers, what you see is a delivery time slot! Is that not simply gorgeous? How often is it that you actually get given a time slot, unless it’s when you order the groceries? When this appeared in my inbox I almost wept for joy!

You can book one collection per order – so if you order five dresses and want to send two back, you need to make sure that you send them back together, otherwise you’ll have to send the second one back at the dreaded P.O. But kind of life-changing, don’t you think, if you’re a regular ASOS spender? As a Premier customer you also get a free monthly mag and a first glimpse at the new arrivals and sale items. Whatever – I was sold at the delivery and collection part!

ASOS Premier is £14.95 for a limited time (I think it’s until the end of January) and then it goes up to £24.95. Well, well worth getting if you’re a regular customer – if you want it, then you’ll see the box for it when you make your next order – just select it and it will automatically change your delivery option for you on that order and every order from then on!

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