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Weekly Window Shop: Statement Towels

I’ve been looking for something to jazz up my very plain bathroom, but something soft, steam-tolerant and relatively portable. A flash of colour, a punchy pattern, a sort of moveable visual feast, if you will. And what’s more soft, steam-tolerant…


What’s In My Makeup Bag? Spring 2019

I wasn’t at all prepared for this video; I was on an overnight stay at Heckfield Place (lovely new hotel, incidentally) and in the morning decided, with just a smidgen of a hangover, that I’d film myself putting on all…


Dr Teal’s Soaking Solution: Will (Probably) Knock You Out

Dr Teal’s bath salts are so good I’ve just ordered some more. Which might sound like a bit of a non-statement (if you like something then why on earth wouldn’t you order more?) but when you have a whole shelfload…


NARS Skin Deep: Pizazz On Your Face

I’m not sure that “pizazz on your face” is a phrase that should be uttered in polite company, but there you go. Another cracking title from me. And another eyeshadow palette! They seem to be like buses – none for…


Life Update: Linen Changes and Losing My Sh*t

This could be interesting; I’ve given myself forty-five minutes to write my monthly life update and I’m writing it, perhaps unwisely, from bed. Because it’s bloody freezing isn’t it? And we have now entered the month of May, which means…


4 Great Moisturisers for Very Dry Skin

Four great moisturisers for very dry skin. Skin that feels tight and uncomfortable and generally as though nothing will ever break through its tough, arid surface ever again. Skin like cardboard. Skin like leather. The first two suggestions are very…


Ruth Tries Trends: Leggings Worn As Trousers

This trend is just an epic no-no for me, right from the start, but now that it is apparently acceptable to wear leggings as proper, meet-the-public outerwear, I have to give it a try. It’s the law. Why on earth…


Murad Youth Renewal: The Fast-Acting Retinol | AD

You may have realised by now that I’m a total retinol convert; it’s an ingredient that seems to absolutely live up to the hype, with the sort of results even the most hardened skincare sceptics would find it difficult to argue…


The Seven Cs: Your Springtime Skincare Saviours

We’ve had a miniature heatwave here in the UK, which you’ll know about if you live in the UK, obviously, but if you don’t then perhaps won’t. I mention this mini pre-summer (four days of uninterrupted sun in Somerset, temperatures…


Skincare Review: Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel

I’ve already featured this cleanser (in my best of the beauty launches video) but Emma Hardie’s new Moringa Light Cleansing Gel is so utterly glorious that it absolutely needs a post of its own. For posterity. And for the fact that I…


Best New Beauty Launches: Spring 2019

It’s been a while since I did that thing where I launch a series of videos with the intention of creating regular, seasonal content but then inevitably fail to keep going after a few episodes: so here’s a new one.…


Ruth Tries Trends: The Bias Cut Skirt

There are some fashion trends that my I just can’t deal with. Anything cropped. Anything too body-con but made in cheap material. Anything that involves long, tube-like skirts that sit tightly around the middle. Culottes (age me by eighty years),…


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