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Why We’re Building An Extension

Question: is a part of a building still called an extension if there was something there before it? I’ve been mulling this over because I’ve been automatically referring to our new dining room as an extension but is it? We’ve demolished…


New Diprobase Products: Testing En Famille | AD

Since having babies my bodycare regime has dwindled down to the absolute necessities; hacking through my plantations of leg hair once a month and making sure that my shins, which have a tendency to be as dry and crackled as…


Four Fuss-Free Ways to Transform Your Outside Space

The sun is out: catch it while you can because it’s probably for a limited time only. Not like last year, aka The Best Summer In Living History. (At least for those of us born after 1976. Those who were…


What’s In My Makeup Bag? Summer 2019

I’ll start this post with a bit of an emergency bargain announcement, because it might not be around for long and you’ll kick yourselves if you miss it. The Rodial Airbrush, an amazing luxury foundation brush with a dome-shaped head…


Foundation Review: Maybelline Dream Urban Cover

It fills me with absolute beauty joy when I find an affordable face base that behaves like a much pricier one, so I’m going to plough straight on in with my review of the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation. I…


Life Update: End of the Baby Era

A fleeting break from tradition with this life update because I’m going to be talking mostly about me. My favourite subject. (Joke: I hate talking about myself unless I’ve had too much wine. In fact, I tend to stop people…


Ruth Tries (Multiple) Trends

Just a quick one (ooh err!): last week I took a lot of fashion pictures for Instagram Stories, loved them all, realised they were kind of wasted on a platform that makes things disappear forever after a mere twenty-four hours…


Homeware Shopping: Not Your Standard Home Haul

Here’s a “home haul” video, which I believe is the correct down-with-the-kids-speak for Things I’ve Been Buying For The House. Which could also be called Ruth’s Neverending Stream of Parcel Deliveries, or even Ruth’s Husband’s Ultimate Source of Discontent, because he has…


Chanel Baume Essentiel: The Luxury Low-Key Glow

Award for the most unlikely makeup hero of the year, so far, goes to Chanel’s new Baume Essentiel. The transparent version. (There are two.) This is one of the most low-key radiance balms you’ll ever find; it’s so subtle –…


Japanfusion: A Truly Supreme Cream

I’ve just risked life and limb careering up the stairs to get this review out to you; such is my dedication to the beauty cause that as soon as I saw the Japanfusion Supreme Cream back in stock, I dropped…


Sunday Tittle Tattle: It Just Slipped In, Doc

Something almost happened to me last week that made me think quite differently about those dreadful hospital stories you hear about foreign objects ending up in places they were never meant to be. (When I say “ending up” I mean…


Vlog: Rain, Rain and Chickenpox

I like to throw out a little video of myself now and then, otherwise you’re all left to construct a mental image of me from the mad things that I write about like gussets and too-small boilersuits and the restraining…


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