The Perfect Pot of Autumn Colour!

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I know that I have already mentioned this little eyeshadow mousse from Autograph at Marks and Spencer, but it deserves its very own post, I think. And this isn’t the last you’ll hear about it either; it’s in the makeup video that goes out on Friday! I just think that this particular shade, the reddy and rich Russet, is gorgeous – there’s enough red in it to make the colour striking and unusual, but it’s also bronzey enough that you don’t look as though you’ve been crying for seventeen weeks in a row when you put it on. The formula is almost faultless, too – no fall-out, not too much sparkle (though there’s a hint) and a smooth, creamy texture that glides onto the lids. You can apply it with a fingertip, which is fun, but it works equally well with a brush – and in fact it’s a little easier to build it up if you use a brush. It’s better to work this mousse eyeshadow in layers, I’ve found, rather than trying to slick on a dense first coat – though it’s very satisfying, it’s a little difficult to keep control over where it’s all splodging to.

If you want to see how the shadow looks in real life then take a look at Monday’s post and video here, but I’ve popped some on my hand too, so that you can see it clearly in daylight:

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Autograph have launched this eyeshadow mousse in three shades for autumn-winter – the other two, a gold and a dark, chocolatey bronze, are also beautiful. From the online colour swatches you’d probably overlook Russet completely – it seems to be the least appealing of the bunch – but in real life? I think that it’s the perfect ‘update item’ for autumn – it’s all earthy and rich and you can almost smell those bonfires and piles of mulchy fallen leaves!

You can find the Autograph Pure Colour Mousse Eyeshadows at Marks and Spencer here. They are £7.50 each.

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