Autumnal Blonde at Trevor Sorbie

trevor sorbie blonde

I have, once again, gone darker for the winter. I do love a bright and jaunty blonde, but I’m beginning to realise that a) it’s not great for work, as I get roots after approximately three seconds, and b) it doesn’t quite suit my colouring as much as an ashier, darker shade. In other words, a shade that is closer to my natural colour. I popped into Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden to get my colour overhauled, and a delightful experience it was too! I thought that it had been years since I’d been there, but turns out (after a quick search on my own site) that it was, in fact, last autumn. For pretty much the same overhaul. History repeats itself! You can read about my last experience here: Clever Little Tweaks at Trevor Sorbie

This time around I have gone for a gorgeously rich, autumnal blonde – but it’s not ‘warm’ in the slightest. There are very few reddish tones at all, which I like as it makes my skin look less washed-out! It’s quite a feat, I think, to achieve a rich colour that’s cooler in tone, but that’s definitely what I came away with. I absolutely love the finished result – it’s one of those colour-jobs that I panic about because I just want to keep it exactly as it is forever and ever! It’s the perfect depth and tone. I think that I bored colourist John half to death trying to explain to him the precise shade I wanted, we were there for about twenty minutes discussing it! But all credit to him for taking the time out and really listening to what I wanted – it’s better than I could have imagined. I’ve got a little before and after with my hair tied back (which it is about 95% of the time because I’m lazy and easily irritated by loose hair!)


Autumnal Blonde


Autumnal Blonde

See how it’s just a really subtle blend of my natural colour and a nice, expensive blonde? It’s as though my natural colour (at the roots on the first picture) has been given a richer hue. Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like the rock ‘n roll feel of the roots and lighter blonde, but it’s just so high-maintenance. (And try turning up to a shoot with roots that dark – clients would have an absolute heart attack!)

Here’s a photo of my hair freshly finished – Lee and I have taken the geekiest photo ever with perfectly arranged hair, I love it!

trevor sorbie blonde

Trevor Sorbie have a little offer on at the moment; for £50 the ‘new season new you’ package gets you a cut and blow-dry, a hair treatment, two Trevor Sorbie products, a full colour analysis and 15% off future colour service. Well worth looking into if you fancy a total overhaul but want to take it a step at a time! It’s running until the 30th of November at the Covent Garden, Hampstead, Manchester and Brighton salons – see the Trevor Sorbie website for more details.

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