Aveda Damage Remedy

Just as the last dregs of my Kerastase Ciment Thermique were squeezed out of the tube and I was wondering what to try next, Aveda brought out their new ‘Daily Hair Repair’ as part of the Damage Remedy line. Like Ciment Thermique, the Daily Hair Repair is a leave-in formula designed to strengthen and repair the hair and protect it from damage during heat-styling, and so I considered it to be a perfect replacement. The Kerastase had always felt a little bit sticky on application, and I had found that I needed quite a few large blobs of it to make my blow-dried hair smooth and silky. Actually, I’m not sure that it ever did make my hair smooth and silky – it was one of those impromptu salon purchases – which is why, obviously, A Model (doesn’t) Recommend. It always worked perfectly for the pros on shoots, and a lot of hairdressers seemed to use it, but, sadly, as with many other things in life, I never quite got it right.

So, onwards, to Aveda. A lightweight formula that was easy to work into damp hair, Daily Hair Repair (or “Thrice-Weekly” Hair Repair, if you’re me) left the finished, blow-dried hair nicely smooth at the ends. I didn’t need to use very much product at all, although I may step up the game a bit and start using a 50p-sized amount (krazee kid) instead of a 20p – there was no sticky residue, and it’s so light that I wouldn’t be overly worried about using too much.

On a slow week, modelling-wise, I might only have my hair styled once; on a busy week, especially if it includes a hair job (advertising or PR for salons and haircare companies), my hair might be tortured and fried between five and ten times. That’s a lot of scorching going on. It’s great for me to be able to apply a strengthening heat-protector to my freshly washed hair before I get to a job, so that when the hair-stylist begins crimping/tonging/rollering/blow-drying my still-damp hair, the proteins in the formula will be strengthening and repairing.

Daily Hair Repair carries Aveda’s signature aroma, which is a blend of Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and Mandarin, with a good few other plant and flower extracts in there as well. It’s not too overpowering though, which for me is a definite bonus! Overall, a great, lightweight product for detangling, protecting and making styling easier – a little seems to go a long way, although very damaged hair would probably need more than I used. This would be a great addition to your hair-care routine if you regularly tong, straighten or blow-dry – especially if your hair is dry and processed.

NEW Aveda Damage Remedy, Daily Hair Repair (100ml) £18

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