Avon Mascaras: SuperShock and SuperMagnify

I thought that I would do a quick little comparison of two Avon mascaras that I have – I keep mixing them up and taking the wrong one out into my bag and so I wanted to work out which one worked better for me. Once and for all!

Firstly the SuperShock mascara – priced at £8.50 (image is of Luxe Lace edition, exactly the same formula, different packaging), it’s a thickening mascara that has an in-built base coat. The brush is quite large, but easy to use (I don’t get mascara all over my eyelid like I usually do) and the formula itself does thicken lashes very quickly. I don’t find that I need to use a lash comb afterwards to separate my lashes (I’m always too lazy to use one anyway – if the mascara is clumpy, it goes in the bin!)

The SuperMagnify has one of the very slender comb-typed wands, which – I’ll be honest – I really can’t get used to. They do apply mascara very precisely, but I think that with a lot of formulas you have to be prepared to do a bit of waiting – building up coat after coat with drying time in between. This is often how mascara is applied at shoots – perhaps because you can get good separation between each lash – but for everyday use, I find that I’m just a little too impatient!

So you can tell which is my favourite – the SuperShock builds up lashes in an instant! If you’re a fan of the comb-style wand, then the SuperMagnify is definitely a nice one to try though – the formula is every bit as great as the SuperShock. Long-lasting, non-clumping and not too much of a pain to remove at the end of the day. Take your pick!

SuperShock Mascara and SuperMagnify Mascara, both £8.50 from Avon

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