Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Check out this eyeliner! I have been raving about this on my Youtube videos recently – if you don’t watch my videos, then you’re missing out! I do all kinds of interesting things in them…like…put on makeup and stuff. No, honestly, they’re great if you want to see products actually working and textures of makeup and so on – you can subscribe to the channel by clicking the Youtube button in the sidebar. Do it!

So, Avon’s Gel Eyeliner, I’ve been raving about it, ’tis true. It’s the most incredibly soft eyeliner that doesn’t smudge! How is that possible? It goes on so, so smoothly – it doesn’t even feel like you’re touching the pencil to your skin! – and it doesn’t drag the delicate skin on your eyelid. It’s absolutely jet black – the jettest black I think that I have ever seen from a pencil – and the black doesn’t fade throughout the day. And doesn’t smudge. By that, I mean AT ALL. It’s as though it has been tattooed on! Weirdly, I don’t find that this eyeliner is a problem to remove whatsoever; I have been using my fave cheap makeup remover, Garnier’s 2 in 1 Make-Up dissolver, and it comes off in one or two swipes. (Always press the cotton pad to your eyelid and hold for about ten seconds before wiping – saves on dragging the skin and makes life easier!)

The price of this super-duper amazing eyeliner? £6 would you believe! It’s available online as of today, from Avon
icon – and it also comes in silver, if you’re that way inclined! If you want to see me using Supershock then the video is here.

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