Babies, BRITs and Back To Work…

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I completely forgot to post up this vlog: my first week back to work. I actually went back to work last summer, but I worked from home or took the baby with me if I needed to work in town.

This week was very different because I worked away without the baby. Which was, on the one hand, quite relaxing, but on the other hand I really missed her and having to express breastmilk in various toilets and waiting rooms wasn’t a bundle of laughs! (I can’t see that going on much longer, if I’m honest.) I had two days filming at The Telegraph, a day backstage at the Brits with my Colab Dry Shampoo brand, a day in Knightsbridge (complete with a five hour commute because I decided to drive and we got stuck in horrific traffic both ways) and an evening and night at the Brits proper, representing Colab. The other days were spent working from my living room with the baby rolling about on the floor trying to eat the carpet fluff and/or various expensive pieces of technology, which suddenly seemed like such a breeze after negotiating London traffic or being squashed into the rush-hour tube carriages!

Enough of my gabbling: watch the vlog if you want to have a little follow about. I do a hair slo-mo shot, see Caroline Hirons for a quick chat and allow my Mum to direct me into the world’s most expensive car park…

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