Baby and Body: 13 Months Update

baby and body update

I didn’t know whether I’d carry on with these baby and body updates past a year – the ONE YEAR mark seemed a very natural place to stop and I did wonder whether people might get bored. However, a quick straw poll revealed quite the opposite and so here we are with the thirteen month (or should I call it “one year and one month”?) update.

At any rate, the monthly updates force me to actually write something down, which is never a bad thing. A Model Recommends takes up so much of my time that posts here on The Uphill rarely get to see the light of day (there are hundreds in my drafts folder) and so having that little deadline every month is rather useful. On that note, I do have a lot planned for this blog, including video content, so watch this space. I’ve almost finished the self-cloning machine, so Ruth #2 should be ready any day now… Ha.

Here’s the thirteen month update.


I can still get away with the “baby” tag because Angelica is not toddling yet. She’s almost there – now and then she has this crazy surge of energy and pulls herself up and demands to be walked along – but a lot of the time she’s very lazy and just likes to crawl about in her weird commando way. If I try to make her walk or stand when she doesn’t want to, she just collapses her legs down and becomes a dead weight – she’s very good at letting me know when she has no intention of doing something.

Favourite game of the moment: trying to climb up into the vintage de Sede swivel chairs in the living room. This has to be the most stressful game on the planet, because the chairs have a tendency to – er – swivel (funnily enough!) just as the baby starts to pull herself up, meaning she is projectiled across the carpet in the most ungainly fashion. She seems to quite like it. I think she must be made of rubber.

Feeding is going well – favourite foods are bread, cheese (I make miniature cheddar sandwiches for her), grapes, yoghurt and apple. Eggy crumpets were a hit, toast with jam is always a winner, weetabix is the staple breakfast and Ella’s Kitchen chunky spag bol (yep, we’re still going with those, pouches will eventually bankrupt us) is the surefire winner in absolutely any situation. We’ve tried a homecooked version and she literally spat it out with a look of total horror on her face. I don’t know what Ella’s Kitchen put in their spag bol, but whatever it is they have cracked some sort of magic code.

Sleeping has taken a little slide backwards in that bedtime has been shifting later and later, mainly because if we put the baby down at 7pm, or even 7.30pm, she screams bloody murder until around 8.30pm. It’s harrowing to say the least. It’s easier to keep her up until 8pm and put her down when she’s a bit sleepy, but she still doesn’t drop off until 9 and it just seems SO LATE! Mind you, she doesn’t wake up until 7.30am – sometimes 8am – which I gather is also quite late, and she has an hour and a half nap in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon, sometimes a bit more.. The NHS say that a one year old should have about 11 hours of sleep in the night and 2.5 hours in the day (source here) so I suppose she’s getting her quota. Just not always in the “allocated” slots…

What else, what else? Books are still a major source of amusement, especially ones with farm animals. Moooooo! Also, monkeys. Why do kids love monkeys so much? Angelica says “ooh ooh ooh ooh!” every time she either sees a picture of a monkey or hears the word monkey. Oh, and she said “mama” the other day, though I’m not sure she knew what it meant. I’ve been brainwashing her with “mama” for over a year, so I suppose one day my work had to pay off, but I must say she’s very slow on the uptake considering I say it at her about twelve times a minute. I’ve said “dada” about twice ever (my evil strategy!) and “dada” is the favourite word! Bloody hell.


Hmm. I’m in a bit of a tiz with the old bod at the moment, but I’ll fill you in next time, I think. I’ve never really had to think about dressing, too much – just chuck things on and hope they look ok – but summer has brought forth a whole world of sartorial obstacles. For example: I used to be able to go braless, which was great for strappy dresses and strapless dresses and tank tops and racer-back tops. The idea of going braless now? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! I literally need a miniature set of scaffolding underneath my breasts.

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