Baby Sleepsuits: 12-18 Months

best baby sleepsuits

For more info and background on the Baby Clothing Size Directory please read the post here – in time, all of the directory posts will be in one Directory here, but this is the first one. Sleepsuits, 12-18 months. Measurements have been taken as follows:

  1. Length: back-of-the-neck to ankle (not toes), because the foot bits also vary so dramatically and it’s all getting far too scientific for me to handle, and
  2. Width: across front of chest, armpit to armpit.

Let’s get started!

1. Tiger Sleepsuits from Mothercare HERE – £11.25 for a set of 3.

mothercare sleepsuit

I’m starting with Mothercare because I’ve bought the most sleepsuits from them – they’re my everyday, go-to brand for basics. Length from nape to ankle (excluding foot) is 69cm, which seems to be pretty much the average, and width is 29. After about seventy-billion washes, the length from nape to ankle comes up at around 62cm and width 26cm, so quite a massive difference! Mothercare do loads and loads of patterns and prints and the multipacks of the sleepsuits and vests are often on offer – I find the quality to be excellent.

2. Next Fairisle Sleepsuit, HERE, £16 for pack of 3.

next sleepsuit

Just look at the bunny fairisle pattern on this sleepsuit! It’s so pretty for winter. I’m in love. Measurements for Next sleepsuits in size 12-18 months: 71cm length and 29cm width. Nice and roomy. In fact Angelica is completely swamped by this and she’s 16 months and really tall! So plenty of growing room… Next do loads of lovely sets for girls and boys and I think the pricing is reasonable – it’s about the same as Mothercare, so twice the price of a supermarket set, but I do find that the slightly more expensive ones seem to keep their shape better and look less tatty after multiple washes…

3. Pink Striped Sleepsuit, £7.50 for 3 at Sainsbury’s HERE.

sainsbury sleepsuit

I haven’t had the joy of doing multiple washes on the Sainsbury’s sleepsuits yet, so if anyone can add their opinions to the comments below then I’ll update if I get enough info on how well they wash and dry! Measurements: length 71cm, width 28cm, so again nice and lengthy if that’s what you need…

4. Polar Bear Sleepsuit, £16 from Jojo Maman Bebe HERE.

jojo maman bebe babygrow

Ugh. If they did this in a size 10 maternity then I’d be wearing it right now. I have a major thing for JJMMBB babygrows and sleepsuits, the prints are just so gorgeous and the quality is supreme. The first ever sleepsuit I put Angelica into when she was born was a Jojo one, with elephants, and it almost made me weep with cuteness. Until she pooed all over it, but hey. Expensive, but a real treat, these come up SHORT! I would buy a size up, but here are the measurements for 12-18 months: length is 68, width 29.

jojo maman bebe duckling sleepsuit

This duckling one comes up at 67cm, the shortest of all I tried, and the feet are quite teeny too, but oh my God the ducks. THE DUCKS. I can’t seem to find this online now, but peruse the whole selection HERE if you (and your wallet) dare!

5. Striped sleepsuit, £16 for pack of 3 at Marks and Spencer HERE.

marks and spencer sleepsuit

All the premium quality you’d expect from M&S – I think that their baby clothes and cotton basics are wonderful. The length is an about average 70cm (I’m starting to feel a bit silly here, because actually most of these sleepsuits do have a similar length!) and the width is 28cm. I don’t find that these shrink to much with washing and drying and I like the coloured popper that they have at the top of the legs so that you always do them up the right way! There’s nothing worse than getting to the top and realising you’ve done the poppers up all wrong…

6. Pink Spotty Sleepsuit, £7 for pack of 3 at ASDA HERE.

george at asda sleepsuit

A nice and decent 70cm length and 29cm width, here, though I do have to say that my ASDA sleepsuits haven’t had a good time in the washing machine, historically. They don’t like it in there. Mind you, I’ve always bought just plain white, and plain white never washes up that well, especially when it’s had about ninety-thousand poos done on it…

I realise I’m missing GAP, Tesco, H&M and – who else? I shall try and fill in the gaps when I can, and I’ll do a little ticklist of brands for when New Baby arrives and I start again with the newborn sizes. If anyone wants to add any useful commentary about sleepsuits and cotton basics or sizing in general, please use the section below!

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