Baby Walking, Speech Talking and Fifty Shades of Grey…

ruth crilly vlog

I put a new vlog up on Sunday – I managed to squish my entire working week (“working” in the loosest sense of the word, because I spent quite a lot of time shopping and napping) into seventeen minutes. It skims over the boring stuff and brings you the highlights, namely the baby starting to walk, the CEW awards and – most importantly – me watching Fifty Shades of Grey whilst eating a mini double-choc Magnum.

Is Fifty Shades not one of the most appallingly bad films ever made? Have I gone a bit crazy or is it just…bleh? Even the supposedly sexy bits just left me baffled! Also, I don’t like Jamie Dornan sans beard – though this might sound odd, I much prefer him as the serial killer in The Fall. The best combo would blatantly be Dornan with a beard and not going around strangling people and then creepily bathing them after they’re dead, or posing naked mannequins on chairs in disused, dusty cottages, but hey-ho. You can’t have it all in life.

I waffle: here’s the video. If you can’t see it here on the post (small mercies, etc) then please do click here to view.

You can find out more about my CEW Award here:…

Thanks to Rich at Hershesons for doing my hair so nicely!…

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