Babyliss Curling Wand

Babyliss Curling WandAfter the success of the Babyliss Big Hair (the best hair tool in the world) I was quite keen to try out the curling wand. I have been testing out a few wands recently (more on that in the new year) but the Babyliss is extraordinarily great value at just £25. A huge selling point!

I made a sponsored video about tousled ‘bed-head’ waves – you can watch my enviable (?) wand action below. Since filming, I have had a few more practises and the whole thing just gets easier and easier. The heat-proof glove (which isn’t really heat-proof but does give you a second or so’s respite before you singe yourself!) is simply genius. I shall be using it with ALL of my heated hair appliances from this day on! If only they made little heat-proof caps for your ears and forehead!

Having never mastered the art of using a traditional curling iron (with the moving plate) I’m pretty pleased that the wand has been invented. The effect is slightly more ‘random’ than with normal tongs, due to the varying width of the wand, but I quite like this randomness. Of course, if you practised and became adept, you could make sure that you used the same section of wand each time to form neater, more uniform curls, but for me this kind of defeats the point of the wand. The beauty of it is that it’s quick, easy and slightly more ‘casual’ than using tongs or rollers.

Take a look at my vid – I wear my funky glove the whole way through. I may start wearing it out and about as a fashion statement…

You can find the Babyliss Wand at Boots for £25 – but I think at the moment it might be £20! :

this was a sponsored video! 

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  1. Katherine
    September 2, 2019 / 10:59 pm

    Karmin is my preference

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