Lanolips Goes Bananas!

lanolips banana balm review

I’m going to start the weekend with something that is, quite honestly, mood-changing. The brand themselves have nicknamed this “Happiness in a Tube” and I have to say that they’re not far wrong! It’s Lanolips’ Banana Balm 3-in-1 and it’s a product that will be by my side for the foreseeable future for three big reasons:

1) It’s a Lanolips balm. Non-sticky, ultra-moisturising and long-lasting. Seriously – Lanolips is the kind of balm that you pop on at night and still feel the effects the following afternoon.

2) It’s BANANA!

3) It’s BANANA!

Those who hate banana will almost certainly hate the Banana Balm, those who like it, love it or are simply indifferent to it will all be applying this stuff every day for the whole winter. I have to say, though, that if you hate bananas, Lanolips do plenty of other versions – you can see the range here. Don’t let the bananas put you off! And for those wanting to give the new Banana Balm a try, rest assured that it’s not just the standard balm with an artificial banana smell thrown in – it contains actual banana extract. Shea, Beeswax, Coco Butter and a heap of Lanolin, too, obviously. All great at holding the moisture in and keeping your lips soft and un-flakey.

The Banana Balm is exclusive to Victoria Health and costs £8.99

(For my teen ‘scented balm’ obsession, see this page at The Body Shop. For another great overnight lip balm, check out the Night Balm at KIKO – I love it. Some of my previous lip balm reviews can be browsed here.)

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