Beauty In my Lingerie Drawer…

Look what I found in my lingerie drawers! (OK, one of my lingerie drawers.) A selection of pretty things – what a nice surprise! The two boxes on the left contain French Talc and fig-scented bath “bombs” – little sacks of fabric that fragrance the bathwater beautifully. Or they did, they’re quite old now so I don’t know whether they will still be effective!

Does anyone else ever save up “special” things and then end up never using them? I’m always buying expensive lingerie and “saving it” for an occasion and then it gets totally forgotten about! Same as expensive makeup, stuff that I save “for best” and then find eight years later, melted and rancid. (Actually, this has never happened as most cosmetics seem to have a shelf-life of a billion years.)

The piece de resistance, though, is the Oskia candle on the right. It is SO luxurious – scented with Rose de Mai, it turns into the most sumptuous, nourishing massage oil as it melts. The oil is pre-warmed (obviously!) and ready to go – much nicer than using cold oil straight from a bottle. I think that this is a great idea and I love that the candle holder has a little pouring lip like a milk jug… You can find the candle on Cult Beauty – it’s £34.50. (20% off with code 20CULT until end of 31st May, 2012)

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