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If this post is entitled “Tubular Belles” can someone please let me know and I’ll change it? I’ve popped it in as a joke-to-self but it’s quite possible that I’ll forget all about it and my dire sense of humour will be revealed to all. This post is actually all about beauty products in tubes and why I like that particular packaging method so much. Of course I also love pretty glass jars and nice bottles with luxury stoppers and all of the other tubs and boxes and sprays that beauty unguents get packed up in, don’t get me wrong; if everything came squished into a tube, life would be very dull indeed! But tubes have a certain practicality and simplicity that you can’t argue with, don’t they? Here’s why I love them:

1) They’re lightweight. I’m a constant traveller and I can’t be doing with heavy glass jars and silver-lidded tubs! I’m forever decanting things from one pot to the next, getting creams all over the place and spilling precious, expensive serums onto the carpet. I’d like everyone to start making a version of everything in a tube.

2) There’s no terribly shameful wastage. You squeeze as much as you can out of the tube (though sometimes not quite enough, see cons below) and then you’re just left with this sad, empty skin and a little plastic cap. Much easier on the bin than a humungous plastic pot.

3) They keep things quite fresh – not much product really comes into contact with the air, and, if it does, you just nip off the dried-up manky bit and start anew.

4) They keep product quite germ-free – rather than sticking your (possibly) filthy fingers into a pot of pricey face cream, you just squeeze out a small amount and apply. The rest of the cream stays perfectly clean!

5) They’re non-bulky and you can cram LOADS of them into your makeup bag. Loads. You don’t have to worry about them smashing or breaking – though…see below.


1) They don’t smash or break, but now and again they do split or burst. Tubes love to burst! Especially if you cram LOADS of them into your makeup bag..

2) You can wipe a pot totally clean of product – no wastage at all. Not so with most tubes. There’s always that niggling feeling that you’d get another day’s worth out of the bottom if you could just roll it up that little bit tighter…

3) Sometimes, or always if you’re on a plane, your tube of product will decide that it has to empty itself of its contents as soon as you unscrew the cap. Like something out of an exorcism session, it will spew product out in an endless stream for many seconds, delivering itself all over the ceiling and your lap, until you’ve managed to fumble about for the cap and stem the flow. Blistex’s original Relief Cream is an expert at doing this and will squirt out a fine, relentless arc of tingly lip treatment until you recover from the shock and fix the lid back on.

Some things in tubes that I like to travel with:

Dr Hauschka’s Rosen Creme. A makeup artist staple because it’s so nourishing and smoothes out dry patches. Smells amazing, too. You can get it at LookFantastic for £23.95

Weleda’s Almond Cleansing Lotion. So many cleansers come in hefty bottles so it’s great to find a gentle, creamy one that’s packaged well and doesn’t weigh down the old travel bag! It costs £8.95 with free delivery here.

Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream with 7 Plants. This is actually a hair moisturiser, not a facial one, and it’s brilliant for helping to smooth and de-frizz dry ends without adding greasiness or heaviness. If you don’t like the slippery feel of serums or if you want to nourish rather than quick-fix, this is a great cream to keep with you – you can either apply sparingly to the ends or use pre-drying to give great condition and shine. It costs £13.50 with free delivery here.

l’Occitane‘s Dry Skin Hand Cream: one of the very, very best. I like to use this overnight or on long flights; it’s incredibly rich and you can really go to town with massaging it in. The travel size costs £8 here, but it does come in a larger tube if you happen to become addicted to the stuff…

The Camellia and Geranium Blossom facial moisturiser from Grown Alchemist: a gorgeous, rich, non-greasy moisturiser that’s perfect for in-flight facials and dull, winter skin. I’ve only recently tried this, so will try to do a full review, but I can’t seem to find this product anywhere online. The brand is stocked at Brummells of London, but I can’t find this specific cream. Do let me know if you spot otherwise.

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