Beauty Reviews: Aerin, Colour Correction Sticks and a Budget Eyeshadow Palette

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More Beauty Reviews for you; this time it’s Aerin’s “Kaleidolight” palette, Max Factor’s Colour Correcting sticks and the Nude Lingerie eyeshadow quad from L’Oreal. (OK, so the eyeshadow palette you’ve already seen. I posted it up a couple of days ago (here) – a silly scheduling decision, really, but I just couldn’t wait! At any rate, I think that the step-by-step photos that I published along with the write-up of L’Oreal’s Color Riche Quad were a little more comprehensive than the clarting about that I do on the video. But either way, consider it a bonus mention; the Nude Lingerie palette is definitely worth picking up if you like neutrals with a slight sheen.)

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Aerin’s face powder palette is simply gorgeous, so I hope that you enjoy seeing that one “in the flesh” – Aerin do really beautiful bronzers and blushes, they have a luminous quality to them without them being shimmery or glittery. Very classy stuff. I think that the lilac shade in the palette might be intended for eyes, but interestingly, it seems to work well with the other shades as a face powder if you just whisk the brush all over. I actually overdid my face a bit, as you will see – I got carried away with my testing, and I probably wouldn’t go quite as heavy if I was actually intending to leave the house!

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Last item on the agenda, the Max Factor CC sticks. These are a curious little invention, in a way, because it’s quite weird drawing little lines and squiggles of pastel colour all over your face; but they do work. There’s green to counteract redness, lilac for dullness, a pale shade for undereye circles… If you have a persistent problem with something like redness around the nose or on your chin, then the green stick would be a good one to have in your makeup bag. It means that you can just target red patches without having to cover half your face in one of those creams with the green tint! I’d recommend testing samples of these, though, before taking the plunge, as the consistency is quite stiff in comparison to the liquid correctors that you can buy. They really stick to the skin, which is a good thing, but if you did want to cover larger areas, you might find that it’s not the easiest texture to work with. My picks would be the green stick for redness and the creamy undereye one, though the undereye stick is very light, as you’ll see in the vid!

OK, here we go: Beauty Reviews round 3:

If you can’t see the video screen then please click here to view.

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette:

L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Quad in “Nude Lingerie” – see my post here!!…

Max Factor CC Sticks:

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