Beauty SOS: The Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask

Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask

Oh, this little mask is all kinds of wonderful. I haven’t been getting much sleep recently (have I mentioned that? Oh, at least fifteen thousand times. Sorry) and my skin has been a bit dry and crappy and – I don’t know – kind of baggy feeling. As though there’s no plumpness or volume to it. A bit like a dusty, half-shrunken balloon.

The Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask has been properly stepping up to the plate in terms of boosting moisture and re-inflating my face – a quick application last thing at night and in the morning my skin looks dewy and a hell of a lot fresher than it would do otherwise.

The idea behind the Nourishing Sleep Mask is that it “seals” in the products that you apply first – so serum and moisturiser, or serum and oil, or serum, oil, moisturiser if you’re going bat-sh*t-crazy with all of your skincare that night. Personally, I think that this works really well over serum, but it doesn’t feel too much at all if you want to do serum and moisturiser. That’s the lovely thing about it – it’s very hydrating, but nice and lightweight. It’s not like sleeping in lard. Neither is it so light and “fresh” that it simply disappears; it definitely forms a nice, non-sticky, non-greasy topcoat.

You can also use the Nourishing Sleep Mask alone, over cleansed skin, if you’re feeling lazy – it’s very hydrating even without layering it on top of other stuff – but I really feel that it sort of supercharges my other products when I take the time to whack it on last. (It works well over the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Serum (currently half price here) and my Time Bomb Powerball Moisturiser (here). Very plumptious!)

This Pixi mask is definitely a winner in the Overnight Masks category – more than just a “moisturiser you leave on”, it feels as though it has a specific function and one that it does very well. It’s a bit like when you stick on a disposable shower cap over your hair masque (try it, it’s excellent for fixing dry ends); it locks everything in and gets it all working that bit harder. As an in-flight mask, this would be brilliant; for anyone who is tired, going to too many parties or simply seeing the effects of the central-heating-inside-cold-air-outside situation it’s a beauty lifesaver.

And not one that will break the bank, either – £18 at Cult Beauty.


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