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urban decay naked vault

Two lovely beauty things that have caught my eye, and they both have waiting lists before they’ve even hit the shelves for the first time. How do you feel about waiting lists for special edition makeup items? Are you are complete makeup obsessive who simply has to have the latest eyeshadow shades or collectable compact? Or do you tend to shop for the things you know and trust, preferring to browse the permanent, cult products that have stood the test of time? I don’t think that I have ever put my name on a waiting list for anything, apart from at the doctor’s surgery when I’ve been desperate for an appointment and gone on that cancellations thing that they do… I just can’t bear the suspense! If I know I want something then I need to know that I’ll be able to get it – I’m not the kind of person who can get all excited about a new coat or bag or whatever if there’s a chance that I won’t be able to buy the bloody thing anyway!

urban decay naked vault

But I’ve gone off-target: I wanted to tell you about the new Naked Vault from Urban Decay and the Virtual Domination cheek palette from NARS. Both land in the UK tomorrow, the 1st November, and both are likely to have makeup aficionados reaching for their credit cards faster than most of us can even say “makeup aficionados”. Which is why I’m giving you a pre-warning, just in case one of these cosmetic delights takes your fancy. (I have to say that the NARS palette would make a particularly lush Christmas present!)

urban decay naked vault

The Naked Vault from Urban Decay (all images above) is a bumper crop of the brand’s bestselling makeup. There are three Naked eye palettes (still, I think, some of the best eyeshadows you can buy, especially if you love the smokey look) and the three Naked Flush face palettes (blush, highlighter and bronzer) as well as three lip glosses and three double-ended 24/7 eyeliner pencils. It’s kind of the ultimate Urban Decay gift, if you knew someone who was a massive fan, or if indeed you were one yourself, but then I’m guessing that a fan would already own the bestselling palettes anyway, so maybe it’s the ultimate present for someone who has never heard of Urban Decay before! Either way, it’s a luxe offering and beautifully presented – it’s going to cost £180, which is a nice saving on the products bought individually. You can pop your name on the waiting list here, if your nerves can take it – Selfridges will email those on the list to let them know that it has arrived in stock and then I’m guessing that it will be some kind of stampede free-for-all!

(Note to those who definitely don’t want to splurge £180 on eyeshadows and blushers: the Naked palettes on their own make really nice, smart-looking presents. You can find them here.)


And now to the delectable NARS Virtual Domination palette. What a showstopper. The packaging is properly Christmassy with a red and white outer box, white patterned overlay on the lid and a smart black-on-white reversal of the usual NARS logo design.


Inside the palette, three blushes (Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat and Final Cut) and a Laguna bronzer (bestselling, almost universally flattering) as well as a pale and shimmery highlighting blush, Miss Liberty.

NARS Virtual Domination

This palette has every scenario covered, really; there’s something peachy, two things pink and a swish of festive shimmer to get the party started. And no heart-fluttering waiting-list tension with this one; it’s available for pre-order so you can snap it up and it’ll be sent out once it’s in stock. Virtual Domination is £45 at Space NK.

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