Bedside Beauty Snapshot: Paris, May 2012

 These were my most-used products when I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago. I thought that I might do a “bedside beauty” snapshot wherever I go, just for a bit of fun. (And what great fun this is! Right? Wooo!)

Here goes then. Left to right:

1) Pai Echium Eye Cream – read the review here or find it on Pai’s website here. The most amazing eye cream for sensitive eyes, it’s a real travel staple for me.

2) Tom Ford Santal Blush – read my review here. Gorgeous, unusual, and haven’t “bumped into” a fellow wearer yet!

3) Sisley Lip Balm. Great for flights, lipstick base, night-time nurturing:

4) Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, part of a travel set. A GREAT cleanser and can be used all over the eyes too! Very luxurious. Normally I wouldn’t take it travelling as the pot is heavy, but this little mini version is a godsend! You can see the entire travel kit here:

5) Sisley Eye Mask – see it in my video review here. One of my absolute all-time favourite rescue remedies! Great for jet-lag, hangovers, general tiredness and also puffiness caused by hot weather:

6) Klorane Eye Makeup Remover – read my review here. This is a good ‘un! And inexpensive. (£5.15!) Great for tired, sore eyes – it isn’t the most powerful remover in the world, but it does the trick on everything but waterproof mascara. I bloody hate waterproof mascara, though, so it doesn’t matter to me!

7) Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Oh, Liquid Gold. I can’t say anymore than the name of this product because I haven’t stopped talking about it for the past year, and I’m scared of boring you all to death! If you want to read my copious reviews and mentions, you can see them by using the search box. The latest post about Liquid Gold (wondrous product of many wonders) is here.

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