Beige Pop: The Wearable, Comfortable Nude

clinique pop colour primer lipstick review

I do love it when I rediscover something utterly amazing; the eye cream that feels instantly nourishing (Elemental Herbology), the face base that feels as light as a feather (Effaclar BB Blur), the mascara that makes me look twenty times more alive (Guerlain Maxi Lash)…

It’s an unfortunate fact of my beauty-testing life that lots of great products end up being pushed aside so that I can trial something new. I always try to keep my favourite things in the front of my mind, because I think it’s good to be able to make well-considered comparisons and – at any rate – if they’re that fabulous then I will want to use them again! But quite often I’ll stow my precious bits and pieces away – usually in a labelled drawer – and not come across them again until I’m rummaging for something similar or compiling a “best of” sort of post.

clinique pop colour primer lipstick review

Anyway, I don’t know how this lipstick ever managed to escape from my makeup bag because it’s absolutely brilliant: Clinique’s Lip Pop Colour + Primer in Beige Pop*. For me, it’s the perfect “wearable nude” lip shade – a light beige with just a hint of pink. It’s polished with a pretty edge – there’s a slight sheen to the finish, but no obvious gloss, and the primer in the formula really does help to smooth my lips. Though I think that the benefits of the in-built primer are more apparent when you use the brighter shades – the colour bleeds less, stays put for longer and looks altogether more even. The texture is soft, buttery and incredibly comfortable.

Beige Pop is actually quite light on me, almost a sixties, Twiggy sort of shade. But the sheeny finish and the pinkish hue keep it entirely wearable and flattering – it’s not “my lips but better” subtle, but it’s definitely an easy way to wear a lighter lipstick.

clinique pop colour primer lipstick review

I’ve just realised that I did a whole review on the Clinique Colour + Primer lipsticks and I included Beige Pop in my Top 5 Nude Lipsticks video. I’m sure I must have mentioned it in other posts and videos too, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s a firm favourite. If you’re looking for a buttery-smooth lip colour then you can’t go too far wrong with these – you can find them online here* for £16.50.

The packaging you can see on this page is the new, limited edition version in collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler. Very retro! Usually it’s a – very pleasing – square case with colour-coded lid.


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