I know I promised a lengthy, wordy post today, but let me tell you why it hasn’t appeared.

1) I was doing “Website Admin”.

2) I was doing “Website Admin” again.

3) I “popped” to Forever21 in Westfield Stratford. (Don’t even ask how much I spent, and in a place where it’s hard to actually spend a lot!)

4) I then had to have a nap, which lasted for about four hours. I have been very ill over the last few weeks (see video below) and am still supposed to be taking it easy. So naps are allowed.

Sorry! I have loads of posts drafted, but I need to re-read them to make sure that they’re not the rantings of a madwoman. I like to leave at least a few days for my edits, to make sure that THEIR are no spellign misteaks and THEY’RE are no grammatical errors… I was also supposed to hand in my MA workshop submission today and haven’t even edited that, so don’t feel too sore – everything is suffering at the moment!

I did manage, though, to take a few minutes to record a video. It’s a bit like some kind of royal announcement or something, sorry about that, but I had to remind the Youtube viewers that I was still alive! I want to post it on here to show you exactly how you can create a video that is entirely beige. My face is beige, my hair is beige, my jumper is beige, the background is beige. Enjoy!

Oh yes, PS: had my hair done a few days ago. Colour, cut and blow-dry at Trevor Sorbie. I shall be doing a bigger post on this because I want to tell you more about the shades that I have put in. I also did a “before and after” photo so that you can see what a difference having my roots done makes to my overall appearance!

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