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I’ve been raving to anyone who’ll listen about my new brow discovery: Benefit Gimme Brow. I find it very difficult to get excited about eyebrows and I must say that I think the nation/world’s obsession with these perfect, drawn-on mega-brows is just weird, but I do like to keep mine groomed and – if I’m doing something snazzy with my eye makeup – I’m partial to a bit of shaping and darkening and “filling in of the gaps”. But whatever I do, it has to be easy – I can’t be faffing about with pots and brushes and five different waxes. If it takes more than a couple of minutes then sorry, I just can’t be arsed.

Which is why I’ve been raving – RAVING I tell you! – about Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Previously I’d been using Speed Brow, which is just a tinted gel, to add a bit of oomph, but when I tried Gimme I was utterly taken aback. Not only did it neaten out my brows and keep them in a nice shape, it actually thickened them slightly, filling in any sparse bits, and gave them just a smidgen more depth. Take a look at my before:

ruth crilly a model recommends best brow gel

and now my after, in which I look as though I’m doing a kind of Sean Connery impression, but I promise you that most (most) of the lift just comes from having shaped and perfected the left eyebrow!

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

How spectacular is the left one compared to the right? Gimme Brow is just absolutely brilliant stuff – a total eyebrow makeover for people who are either lazy or complete fools or both. (I pretty much fall into both categories at the moment.)

best ever brow gel product worn by Ruth Crilly

You just brush it on with the teeny brush (careful to wipe it off a bit on the neck of the bottle, as the bristles get quite loaded up and I’ve had a few smears happen!) and then mess about until you kind of glue your hairs into an acceptable shape. The “volumizing fibre gel” (I have no idea either, but it works, so…) clings to your existing brow hairs and makes everything look fuller and a bit thicker, which I think is a lot more believable and realistic than drawing in hairs with some wispy flecks of powder.

Most impressed. Cost? £18.50. You can find it (free delivery here) and – I use the lighter of the two shades. This month, if you book a brow wax at any Benefit store, you get a free full-size Gimme Brow, so perhaps worth booking in for a quick shape if you’re thinking of investing in the fibre gel? Also, 100% of the profits from your wax will go to charities supporting women and girls (part of Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful project) so it’s a win-win situation!

Find out about the rest of my makeup…


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