Big Myla Sale…

I swear, my collection of Myla lingerie is growing way out of control. I should have bought shares in the company years ago, and then the whole situation wouldn’t feel quite so naughty!

The crazy thing is, half the time I’m too scared to wear the stuff – I want to keep it looking pristine and new! Ridiculous… I have a set from two years ago that I’ve worn ONCE (not pictured). It’s wrapped in tissue and snuggled in its box with a rose-scented soap! Oh my oh my, Myla. What have you done to me?

My latest Myla haul is one that I can’t feel too bad about though – the Cecilia bra and knickers (see the picture that unfortunately isn’t me) should have been £89 and £39, but I paid just £26 and £15 in the summer sale! Bargain – hardly more than what you’d pay at M&S! Myla lingerie is amazingly cut and really flattering – I rely on it to make me look great when I go for underwear or swimwear castings. Which is why I just can’t resist buying a load of stuff every time they have a sale!

There are loads of great things on sale – 100% silk, fully-lined bras (how luxurious?) down from £149 to £59, Leavers Lace-trimmed silk knickers and a very cute set called ‘Bonnie’ that’s reduced to under £30!

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