Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Oil Review

So you’ve worked up a bit of a colour, you want to show off your glamorous tan, but it’s the daytime and you still need to wear an SPF… This new sun protection from Ambre Solaire has the whole ‘sexy-but-protected-skin’ angle covered; a lovely golden oil that leaves the skin looking incredible, but has an SPF of 20 (or 30, or 15, depending on which you go for).

I have been wearing the Golden Protect Oil since returning from holiday. It’s not greasy or sticky, so you won’t spend the day picking bits of fluff/grass/sand from yourself, it’s beautifully moisturising, so you don’t have to worry about the sun drying out your skin, and the scent is just the right side of ‘tropical’.

It feels strange putting on an oil for sun protection; I associate oils with basting and frying, which is what my parents used to do to themselves when I was growing up, coating themselves in tanning oil and lying out in the midday sun. But the Golden Protect that I’ve been testing really does provide the full SPF20 that it promises – I compared it to a standard Nivea SPF20 and there seemed to be no difference when tested in very strong sunlight for the day.

There’s a particular sexiness of glow that only an oil can achieve, as though the skin has been massaged and polished to perfection. Oiled bodies look infinitely more buff and toned, because the light reflects from them in (hopefully!) all the right places – it’s a great little trick for instantly making yourself a little bit more ‘bikini-ready’.

The practical bit: easy to apply with a pump-action spray, the oil dries quickly to a ‘satin touch’ finish, and, as I mentioned earlier, is non-greasy and non-sticky. I found it to be surprisingly water-resistant, and only re-applied after being in the water for relatively long periods of time. The fragrance is distinctly ‘holiday’ but not overpowering. It states that it’s a medium protection for dark skin, which confuses me slightly, because surely an SPF20 is an SPF20 regardless of skin type? I’m not dark skinned and it worked perfectly for me; obviously if you have very fair skin that burns easily, go for a higher factor!

Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Oil is around £14 – however there are deals on Ambre Solaire in both Boots and Superdrug at the moment, so it’s worth taking a look!

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