Bikini Shoot Behind-the-Scenes!

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OK, so this isn’t an all-access number (watching me shave my legs wouldn’t be that interesting!) but I do hope that it gives you a little more of an insight into what it’s like on a location shoot. This one was pretty low-key because a) we all knew each other and that makes life really quite relaxed and b) it was a beauty shoot. Beauty shoots are far less hectic than fashion ones, in general. Though it’s a more intense day for the makeup artist and hair stylist (except you’ll see there was no hair styling needed on this one!) it’s kind of easier for the model. Because the crops are quite close-in, you don’t have to work so hard – (think about holding in your tummy, standing right, giving your arms a nice shape, all of that malarkey). Saying that, I did have to lie across the edge of the pool in freezing cold water because somebody had forgotten to turn the pool heating on!

The swimwear for the shoot was pretty cool – it needed to be quite retro because that was the feel of the story, and the key pieces were from Princesse Tam Tam, sponsor for the shoot. The bikini with the white trim was absolutely spot-on for what we needed – it was all about slick hair, sexy shoulders and smouldering eyes, but we needed a dash of coral to contrast with the greeny-blue swimming pool water. I can’t show final shots because they are for TWO Magazine but you can see in my screen-grabs that both the bikini and swimsuit look great. I’m really starting to fall back in love with the one-piece, I think that they’re actually very chic!

princesse tam tam

Anyway, here’s the video – I’m very much enjoying the Mr AMR hunt that’s going on in these vlogs! He was adamant that I couldn’t put him in, yet in one of my videos he unwittingly strolls into the background, pulls his swimming shorts up and then does a weird stretching routine before settling into his lounger. RIGHT IN SHOT! Men. It took a lot of editing and cropping to cut him out – I was tempted to leave him in as punishment!

If you’re reading by email, then please click here to see the video. Rest of you, just look down. The Princesse Tam Tam swimwear can be found here. *UPDATE: ooh! Just seen that they also do the “Movie” bikini in a pale green colour, I like!

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