Bioderma Créaline H20

My most sincere apologies, for once again I have neglected to tell you about a favourite beauty staple. I have been using Bioderma cleanser for years and – when I have it  – I use it pretty much daily. The reason that I haven’t mentioned this before is because for the last four months I haven’t had any to use! But here we are – me with my  bottle of Créaline H2O, fresh from a Parisian Pharmacie, and you with your pencils and jotters at the ready!

Bioderma is one of the gentlest yet most effective cleansers available. I have yet to meet a model who is sensitive to this, or who doesn’t like it – and models can be a picky, whiny old lot! It looks and feels just like water, yet it will remove all but the most stubborn of waterproof makeup. I have written about micellar solutions before (can’t quite remember where, but I have!) and how they are great cleansers, but Bioderma’s Créaline is probably the crème de la crème of micellaires – unperfumed, totally hypoallergenic and – importantly – very good value for money.

It makes very regular appearances backstage and in makeup rooms because it’s just so convenient – it doesn’t require rinsing off, it doesn’t make skin raw or sensitive, it doesn’t dry out the skin or leave it tight, and it’s in a clear, flip-top bottle that just needs a quick squeeze to dispense the right amount onto the cotton wool. I can’t recommend this cleanser enough – the last four months have felt odd without it!

Some jolly good news for you all now; you can buy Bioderma in the UK! I can’t quite believe that I didn’t search for it before, I just presumed it was another one of my special Paris products, but I was wrong. Do you know what else? I have a feeling it even works out slightly cheaper to buy it from the online stockist! The website Le Guide Sante sells 500ml for £9.09 (random price!) whilst I paid €13.40 in Paris! £9 for 500ml of cleanser is an astonishingly good price – probably on a level with many of the high-street, budget brands. That it’s such a brilliant cleanser makes this a deal of a lifetime!

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