Bliss Triple Oxygen

I feel bad, because you’ll probably not have a beauty review tomorrow – no doubt I will bang something or other out on the keyboard, but it’s doubtful whether it will be coherent or interesting. So here; I’ve done a post in advance. It’s tomorrow’s but it’s today. Happy New Year!

I have been using the Bliss Triple Oxygen products over Christmas. Very nice. Very nice indeed. I first used the Energizing Mask a few years ago – I had been at a wedding and had the kind of hangover that renders you immobilised, but I dragged myself into my friend’s bathroom and started rummaging in her cabinets. (Hello Maya!) The mask was a bit of a shock, if truth be known – it started fizzing and foaming all over my face – but it jolted me from my near-coma and made my skin look considerably more bright and fresh.

It only takes a few minutes to work, which is ideal for days when you’re feeling a bit (a lot) ropey – like tomorrow, perhaps? Mine is already stationed next to the bed, along with a plastic bucket, a loaf of bread and a packet of Alka-Seltzer.

After rinsing off the mask, I apply the Bliss Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream, which perfectly complements the mask. It’s very light and airy – is ‘whipped’ the right word? I think that it probably is. It’s whipped, and smells orangey, which is always a winner in my book! Rather than being rich and cloying, it feels fresh and cooling, which is infinitely preferable when it comes to spending half of the day in a darkened room.

What’s the damage with these little hangover beauties, then? £39 for the mask and £45 for the cream. Both are from the Bliss Website
icon ASOS or certain department stores.

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