The Girl-Next-Door Look (Jennifer Aniston?)

oasis shirt and ugg trainers

Another week, another outfit. This one is quite wholesome and girl-next-door in comparison to last week’s Sicilian Widow black lace look! Something about it reminds me of Jennifer Aniston’s style, but perhaps it’s just the hair and sunglasses combo. The blouse is from Oasis (again – I just can’t seem to resist the cut of their shirts) and the jeans are from Ralph Lauren, I think. (They are the same fit as these, but with a rip in the knee. I’d take them without the rip, personally, the rip gets on my nerves. Though I did read that ripped jeans were “in” at the moment.)

ootd oasis and ugg

The trainers are from UGG and are partially lined in sheepskin, which is always a nice surprise, though perhaps not in the middle of summer! The rest of the shoe is actually very lightweight – I’m so impressed with UGG shoes this year, they just seem to get everything just right in terms of comfort and wearability. The two pairs of high-heeled boots that I bought in the winter sale have had so much use and I imagine that I’ll be wearing them for many seasons to come. They are the only high boots that I can bear to stand up in for longer than a couple of hours and I can even hop on and off the tube in them.

cockapoo puppy running

The sunglasses (below) are from Avon. They’ve actually gone out of stock (not surprising, they are pretty cool) but are due to come back in at the end of the month, I’ll give you a nudge when they do. I’m on a bit of a “budget sunnies” roll at the moment, what with my seven quid retro ones and the tiny aviators that are good for people with tiny heads. I’m going to have to clear out a drawer in my dresser just for sunglasses at this rate; thankfully the really cheapo ones don’t come with a case so I can just chuck them in the drawer and they hardly take up any room! I have loads of silky little sunglasses pouches from previous (lost and broken) pairs, so I slip them into those to give them a modicum of protection.

oasis heart print shirt

Let me know what you think of the blouse; I’m really on the hunt for a nice plain white one, but I do like the heart print here. And the pale grey-blue makes the shirt seem much crisper and cleaner…

Heart Blouse: £38 here

Jeans: £110 here

UGG Trainers: they seem to have all sold out at UGG. WHY does this keep happening to me? Is it because I’m such a supreme bargain hunter? I have managed to track some down online, though – try here.

Sunglasses: available on Avonshop from end of July. I shall give you a nudge when they are back in stock.


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