Bonus Nail Freebie saves the day!

Most days seem to have their ups and downs, don’t they? Today’s ‘downs’ include:

1. Jumping out of bed to answer the door to the postman in what I later realised was a completely transparent top (pre-bra stage of dressing)

2. Having to sit next to a man on the tube who was picking his bald head and putting the ‘treasure’ in his cardigan pocket

3. Going to four different branches of Boots to get my free Organic Surge Eye Gel (courtesy of Grazia), only to find the shelves totally bare.

Today’s ‘up’ was being in last branch of Boots and getting a free Nails Inc varnish in oh-so-on-trend greige when I bought two bottles of Diet Coke! Bargain. Whilst I drank my Diet Cokes (my teeth have since dissolved into stumps) I painted my nails in ‘London’ greige and was really quite impressed with the results. Perhaps it was the caffeine buzzing about my system, but I painted my nails in record time – the varnish went on really easily and smoothly. And I am shockingly bad at nail painting.

Great colour too – hopefully you can see in my very professional photo (sorry, no photographer on-call today!) that it’s pretty true to how it looks in the bottle. Very flattering on all but the palest of skins, I imagine; it looks expensive and chic.

There were other colours – very bright red and pink and purple; but as I am completely allergic to bright nails (I once bit into my finger at a shoot thinking that my nail was a Wine Gum) they don’t interest me. I shall, however, be going back tomorrow for another bottle of ‘London’. Stock up, that’s what I say – these shades are Limited Edition!

Nails Inc Nail Polish in ‘London’, £0

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