Boots Treat Street

If you follow me on Twitter (@modelrecommends) then you’ll have seen me get extremely excited last night over something called “Boots Treat Street”. I went on about it for quite a while, and probably bored some of you to death, but it was just far too much of a revelation to stay quiet about. A revelation to me I should add, and not to the population as a whole, because Treat Street launched last year! (Hello? You’d have have thought someone would have mentioned this to me..)

Boots Treat Street is basically a reward scheme (within a reward scheme, genius!) that allows you to collect Boots Advantage card points when spending with other retailers! How amazing is that? (Sorry if you’re not addicted to collecting Boots advantage points – this might all be a bit bemusing and dull.) Most stupendous of all are the partner retailers – they include ASOS, Ebay, Boden, Thomas Cook, Waterstones and Habitat. You can collect at least 1 point for every pound – which could really add up when booking a holiday, or buying a super-duper Mac at the Apple Store!

Part of me is just tremendously pleased about this Treat Street, but part of me is crying; in the last two months I’ve had a pimped-up Mac from the Apple Store, spent a small fortune on ASOS and visited a load of the other partners in the scheme. I would have earned a couple of thousand points without a doubt, and as we all know, points mean prizes!

So, my advice: bookmark the Treat Street page so that you remember to check it before shopping online – if you’re buying from a partner, then make sure you shop through the Treat Street link. Can’t believe I found out about this minutes before I clicked the ‘BUY’ button on my latest ASOS order. I’m off to start on my mission: to be a Boots Advantage Point Millionaire!

Boots Treat Street is HERE!

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