The Henrietta Bra: A Success!

boux avenue henrietta bra

Partly because I am so bloody pleased with my photograph, I’m mentioning my Boux Avenue Henrietta bra again. It’s hard to take a good picture of a bra, you know – they just don’t stand up properly and they look all weird and abstract without boobs in them. This one (if you ignore the fact that I left the label on) looks like something from a sophisticated French Lady’s boudoir – look at the beautiful folds! The pretty lace trim!

In all seriousness, though. that’s mostly not why I’m mentioning it again; the real reason is twofold.

1) I have had a chance to “break The Henrietta in” and can confirm that it is extremely comfortable. It might look ruchey and extravagant from the front, but the reverse of it is structured just like a standard bra. Underwiring in all the right places, etc etc. The straps didn’t dig in, the back didn’t cut, the “lift” was good. Admittedly it’s not the easiest bra to wear beneath some garments and it most certainly isn’t a T-Shirt bra, but overall? A success.

2) Boux Avenue have a 10% discount code running up until Valentine’s Day, day of pink pukeness. The code is “VALENTINES” and you can use it on online here or by showing them the code email instore. As many will probably not have that email, I have replicated it below for your convenience!

boux avenue voucher code

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