Brenda Anvari Valentine Box

brenda anvariI’m going into Valentine’s overdrive now, which I apologise for. Any excuse to talk about lush, luxurious products! This one missed the video, but would have been a brilliant addition; Brenda Anvari’s Valentine Box. It could be named the ‘Anytime Box’ because there’s nothing sickly sweet or flowery about the scent of these products –  they’re fruity and sexy and ever-so-slightly masculine, if you ask me. Lovely. The scent is Pomegranate, Raspberry and Patchouli. Poor old Patchouli is forgiven in my books now, after years of getting berated by me for smelling like a hippy’s dressing gown. It’s actually quite a little sophisticate when blended with the right bits and pieces.

In the box: a soy candle with a 40-hour burn time, a bath oil that doesn’t leave a grease-slick in your tub and a thick, unctuous body creme. Takes a little effort to work in, but the effects are long-lasting. There hasn’t yet been a Brenda Anvari product that I’ve disliked; everything is very simply packaged and labelled yet the contents are luxurious and produced using fine natural ingredients. I’m adoring the Pomegranate, Raspberry and Patchouli after my little bout of Rose Mania. (See today’s other post!)

The Valentine Box is £25 from

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