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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas? Are we all busting out of our jeans? Greasy faces and a constant (though low-level) sense of nausea? Good, good…

I have been a bit naughty (what’s new!) and had a rootle-tootle about in the sales. I have bought a couple of things and I have a few things on my wishlist, too, but I’m trying to go easy so that I can afford the shipping on a very special purchase. (More on that later.) Here’s what I have bought so far:

1) A Goat Collar Biker Jacket from Monica & Joe: I tried this on when I was making the Vogue video for Monica & Joe and totally fell in love with it. You can watch the video here: Vogue’s Fashion Night In. With the sales mere weeks away, I waited with bated breath, and lo and behold: £235 down to £117.50! I do love a bargain. This price is plus shipping, which is £9, but still an absolute stonker. Photos to follow once it arrives…

2) Silk and wool pyjama bottoms from Charlotte & Co. Again, I wanted these a while ago because I’m always looking for comfy lounge-pants in good quality, luxurious fabrics, but I held my horses. I paid £29 instead of £59 and I can’t wait for them to arrive! If they get reduced further I won’t mind – I’ll buy the pair in Ivory too!

Some things that I’m dilly-dallying about:

1) MIH Jeans Safari Shirt from Net-a-Porter: reduced from £255 to £127.50. Admittedly, it’s still not ‘cheap’, but I’ve had my eye on this shirt for a while and I think that it would be a good investment piece. Until I spill oil or wine down it on the first wear, which is usually what happens!

2) Sass & Bide ‘Let Me In’ dress from Net-a-Porter: in stretch silk twill, this little number is reduced from £560 to £280. I think that I’d get a lot of wear out of it, but I’m not sure I can justify the spending at this particular moment in time! This is when you wish you had eBayed a load of stuff before Christmas….

3) Great Plains Jersey Farrell Dress, £40 from The Dressing loved this when it was sixty quid, love it even more with a little bit extra knocked off! I’m just waiting for that elusive size S to appear back on site – otherwise I’ll have to go for a medium! I think that this dress looks far more expensive than it actually is – the cut is superb!

So there – a few little bits and pieces to muse over. I must stop now as Mr AMR has popped his head around the door for about the thirtieth time – I keep having to close my browser window because he already thinks I’m a shopaholic!

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