Bumps, Facials and Exciting New Money

model home vlog

A vlog for you, this time following seemingly random events plucked out of my life over a two week period. I need to get better at this vlogging thing but there are two obstacles in my way:

  1. I don’t get out much, and
  2. I feel like a total dick if anyone sees me vlogging. Which is something of a setback, seeing as though anything interesting that happens usually happens in the vicinity of other people.

Humph. Is it a generational thing? I see people in their mid-twenties who are perfectly happy to stop and take a selfie in (what I feel is) a totally inappropriate situation, or walking along documenting their movements and giving a running commentary of their surroundings… I rarely see people do it who are (or look to be) in their thirties. Does that decade make the crucial difference? Those of us in our mid-thirties or older most likely didn’t get a mobile phone until we were in our late teens and even then it was a brick that could barely receive text messages… Do you think people who grew up with a smart(ish) phone, digital cameras and their own laptop are simply more comfortable with the whole idea of putting themselves out there? Less self-conscious?

Food for thought.

On the subject of food, I went for a very good curry with my cousin Anna. It’s in the vlog, as well as Angelica’s space rocket that I bought on eBay (£18!) and my over-excitement at getting some new money. Enjoy. If you can’t see the video screen then the link to watch is here.

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