Burberry Model-Inspired Natural Makeup

Burberry Beauty Model

I’m back from LA – hurrah! I’m busy collating pictures and video so that I can tell you about my trip, so all of that will be coming to you very soon. In the meantime, I’ve just realised that I posted a very nice makeup video before jetting off, but I didn’t ever embed it into A Model Recommends! Naughty old me.

I was off to a commercial casting a couple of weeks ago and the casting director was asking for “Burberry-esque” girls (specific, much?). I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to crack out some of my Burberry Beauty products and give them a good going over! My absolute favourite product is the eyeshadow, I have been wearing it so much recently. I also love the face powders – blushes and bronzers in gorgeous, natural shades.

The look in the video is beautifully simple, I think. It’s a little edgier than the usual ‘natural’ makeup look – I have smoked the eyes really softly by buffing in eyeshadow around the lash lines. I haven’t used any eyeliner, so the eyes are defined but not closed-in. The foundation I’ve used is the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere in Beige 20 – I’ll review it separately as well, but this gives a gorgeous glowy finish without looking oily or shimmery. I love it!

This is quite an easy and quick makeup look to try if you’re in a rush and have a) limited time and/or b) limited makeup supplies. The basics are a good foundation, a beautiful eyeshadow and a pale-ish bronzer. You can just about get away with not wearing any colour on the lips, but it is nice to have some kind of sheen or reflection, just to make the lips look plump and healthy.

Here’s the vid! All of the product links are below it – you can click through for prices, stockists and available shades.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Shade Beige 20: http://tidd.ly/11d36655

Burberry Shadow in Midnight Brown: http://goo.gl/d5SOk

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara: http://tidd.ly/d0c497f3

Burberry Copper Glow Bronzer: http://goo.gl/BiL5T

Japonesque Brushes: http://tidd.ly/14d44f4a

Burberry Lipgloss in Nude Rose: http://goo.gl/HLeFE

Urban Decay Concealer in FBI: http://tidd.ly/65df3252

Nails: YSL Manicure Duo: http://tidd.ly/6b08659f

Givenchy Prism in Peach Plumetis: http://tidd.ly/b627909d

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