Burger and Lobster

Burger and Lobster Restaurant Review

Sorry to jump on the bandwagon here – and at a rather late stage – but I couldn’t not write about my Burger & Lobster visit. Everyone and their aunt has been tweeting pics of themselves eating lobster at this place, and I wanted to add my penny’s worth! If you’re a Londoner you will no doubt have heard of Burger & Lobster by now – it’s a restaurant that serves, (no prizes for guessing what’s to follow), burger and lobster. There’s a lively branch of this “chain” (though chain isn’t really a fair description, there are only four branches so far) in Soho, but I went with my friend to the Farringdon restaurant. Wait time for a table at 8.30pm on a Saturday was just over an hour an a half, so we popped to Smith’s at Smithfield for a couple of cocktails. I wouldn’t normally ever wait that long for a table, but as my friend promised, it was absolutely worth it!

Menu choices are as follows: Burger, or Lobster. Actually there is a third option, but that’s also lobster – lobster in a roll. This isn’t a good restaurant choice for vegetarians, unless you’d be content with some fries and a little bowl of salad! We both went for the lobster and a mighty fine one it was too – so, so meaty and juicy and with a tasty garlic butter sauce to either pour over, or, as I did, dip the lobster pieces into. Every menu option is £20 so I do think that the lobster is the best value. It is, in fact, incredible value – London Lobster can be an expensive affair. In J. Sheekey’s, for example, a lobster will set you back upwards of £42. At Burger & Lobster it was £20 with sides. Brilliant, and a great get-stuck-in kind of meal if you’re out with friends. If there are 6-10 of you then you can reserve a table in advance, which makes things easier…

Cocktails: if you’re a margherita fan as I am then you will have to be physically removed from the Orange Sherbet version that they do. I could have kept on going with them all night, but I had to catch the last tube home and so my friend reigned me in. Thank goodness, because I did have a pounding headache the next morning…a double-alka-seltzer kind of headache.

Summary, then: love it. Didn’t try the burger, but why would you when you can get a whole, juicy lobster with sides for twenty quid? Brilliant place to go with friends – lively atmosphere, quick service, great cocktails. If you’re visiting London, or planning to, add it to your itinerary!

Burger & Lobster

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