Burt's Bees 24-hour Body Lotions

Burt's Bees 24-hour Body LotionsBurt’s Beezzzzzzzzz have launched a new collection of body lotionzzzz with 24-hour moisturisation. Because I rarely go 24 hours without having some kind of bathing session – whether it be shower or bath – I can never test these kind of claims out properly. I mean, would my skin feel freshly moisturised after 24 hours, or would the moisture just be lurking about out of sight? I dunno. But I do like the body lotions very much – my especial favourites are the ‘Soothingly Sensitive’ and the ‘Richly Replenishing’.

The Soothingly Sensitive is, as the name suggests, for sensitive skin, but I personally think that it would make a great holiday body lotion. Aloe Vera (‘allo Ruth!) Buttermilk and Chamomile are classic aftersun soothers and it’s a nice, light formula. (Note that I’m not recommending using this on actual sunburn – you need a dedicated treatment for that, such as an Aloe Gel).(‘allo Ruth!)(Sorry, that’s getting old, isn’t it?)

The Richly Replenishing Lotion has a thicker texture, and I’d say that it packs more of a moisturising punch than the sensitive lotion. Probably because it contains a shed-load of Cocoa butter and moisturising oils. It absorbs nicely and really does leave skin very soft. It has a whiff of that classic ‘cocoa butter’ smell, but it’s not anywhere near as strong as Palmer’s and it’s a fresher, more pleasant version at any rate.

The new lotions come in 170g tubes and cost £9.99 each from John Lewis and BurtsBees.co.uk, or £8.50 with free delivery from feelunique.com here! The ingredients are 99% natural.

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