Off to Cannes!

dior miniatures beauty

Today I am going to Cannes Film Festival with Dior and I must say that I am incredibly excited. I have never been to Cannes before and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the glitz and the glamour and perhaps doing a bit of swanning about pretending to be a film star. As you do. And – oh! – almost as exciting as the trip itself: these beauty miniatures (above) that arrived in this week’s post! Many of you will already know about my fixation with miniature things – I have a whole collection of teeny perfume bottles and tubes of face cream and dinky little body lotions. There’s just something about the exactness with which they are scaled down, I find it all very pleasing. Don’t even get me started on dolls’ house miniatures…

miniature dior perfume gris montaigne

The Dior minis are so very cute – but special attention needs to be paid to the tiny, perfectly formed Gris Montaigne perfume; even the bottle top has been exactly replicated. There’s also a dinky lipstick in my stash as well as some posh pots of face mask and eye cream and some lovely little cleansers… I just need to add a toothbrush and a hair comb and I’m ready to go!

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