Caudalie Premier Cru: The Eye Cream

caudalie premier cru eye creamThis cream is fantabulous. I have been using it for a few months now and it’s definitely going to be a re-purchase situation when this little lot runs out. I’m a tad obsessive about eye creams – I never go to bed without putting one on. I know that quite a few people think that eye creams are a waste of time – just a re-packaged version of the ‘matching’ face cream, but I strongly disagree. A good eye cream is lighter than the cream that you’d use for your face; it doesn’t overload the skin. The skin is also different around your eyes – mine, for example, has quite a few fine lines but I don’t have any fine lines on the rest of my face. So why would I use the same cream all over?

I’m positive that the use of good eye creams has kept creases and wrinkles at bay – considering that I have had periods of my life where I have smoked quite heavily (when I was six) (JOKE!) I think that to have fine lines that are only just visible is pretty good going. I have slathered on lotions and potions morning and night ever since I started my beauty routine – which, if my memory serves me well, was when I was about fourteen or fifteen.

Back to Caudalie and its Premier Cru. I like Caudalie because they do things with grapes, which means that grapes are good for your skin, which, in turn, (by my completely insane logic) means that drinking wine is good for your skin. See what I did there? The Premier Cru (loving the wine reference!) contains Grapevine Reservatrol which helps to fight wrinkles and also Grape-seed Polyphenols which, to quote my reading material, are “the most powerful antioxidants in the plant kingdom”. Good stuff.

I like this eye cream because it feels as though it’s working instantly – it’s refreshing and light, yet with a sensation that it’s working deep down to stop those crow’s feet from clawing their way out to the surface! It doesn’t absorb into the skin so much as melt, yet the effects feel long-lasting. A super-charged eye cream, then, with a super-light texture. Très Bien Caudalie!

Premier Cru ‘The Eye Cream’ is £41.65 with free delivery HERE – or £49 nationwide.

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