Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue Review

eye cream review

Soothing, cooling eye creams really are Holy Grail products for me – I quite often wake up with quite dry and sore eyes. If I’m tired, hungover, stressed or ill then it’s the eye area that “tells the tale” first. Always. So hurray for Caudalie’s SOS Morning Eye Rescue cream – even the name of it holds such promise, doesn’t it? SOS! Morning Rescue! How could it fail to be refreshing and wonderful?

It doesn’t fail – I really like this cream. It’s so lightweight, so…comfortable. I have no idea what the benefits are, long-term (I suppose I should look them up), but I know what the short-term benefits are and they are plenty good enough for me! This eye treatment really feels as though it’s giving a morning “zing” to the skin around the eyes yet it’s so, so gentle. A few seconds after application (a light tapping motion to the skin with the fingertips) it’s as though you’ve splashed your closed eyes with cool water. Nothing more – it’s not some kind of all-singing all-dancing line-filling number – but sometimes, comfort and a sense of wellbeing is all I want!

I’m finding this eye cream especially useful now that the summer weather has started to kick in. (Intermittently!) It feels beautiful on hot and bothered skin. Sidenote: some people absolutely can’t see the point in eye creams. I can, because I most certainly wouldn’t put some of the face creams I use on my eye area – not with the amount of glycolics and lactics and whatever-acids I use on a regular basis! I have used an eye cream for all of my adult life, twice a day, and I can’t see that ever changing. I just feel that once I’ve sorted the eye area with a dedicated product, I’m free to evaluate the major part of my face and treat it with the products it needs without having to worry about the fragile eye region. Sidenote over!

Caudalie’s SOS Morning Eye Rescue cream is £16.20 with free delivery from 

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